WhiteFeather’s work featured in Textile Journal of Cloth and Culture

Material Codes: Ephemeral Traces by Kelly Thompson and Janis Jefferies, is a newly published article in the Textile Journal of Cloth and Culture, Volume 15, 2017 – Issue 2: Weaving Codes, Coding Weaves.

From the abstract:

“New forms of digital imaging such as GPS and satellite mapping have had significant impact on our collective senses of orientation in space and time. Similarly, digital software such as that used for Jacquard weaving allow for new forms of collage, superimposing, combining, repetition, and fragmenting of imagery, which further disrupt a stable perspective. This article links concepts of global data circulation and collection with contemporary data visualization and materialization approaches in the field of digital humanities.

Kelly Thompson’s multifaceted project Material Codes: Ephemeral Traces, established in 2014, translates various forms of data through digitally assisted Jacquard weaving… In Thompson’s research-creation work, the intangible concept of digital data is both visualized and materialized into the literally tangible, as tactile cloth. This conversation between Janis Jefferies, (London, UK) and Kelly Thompson (Montreal, Canada) over a period of 10 months proposes questions around code, data, image, weaving, and research engagement.”

WhiteFeather’s jacquard weaving project, Sonya + Osanna, carried out within the context of the Weaving Data Research Group that was established as part of Kelly Thompson’s project outreach, is mentioned in detail. Additionally, WhiteFeather worked as Kelly Thompson’s research assistant in 2014-2015 for the project that is the main subject of the article.

Download a PDF of the full article here.

Sonya + Osanna by WhiteFeather

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