Cultivars at InterAccess, Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto

WhiteFeather’s work is featured in the Subtle Technologies Festival’s banner exhibition, Cultivars (Possible Worlds), curated by Zach Pearl.

Read the curatorial essay, Plurality of Being by Zach Pearl, here.

Read the critical text, At Subtle Technologies 20: Expanding Empathy & Emotional Ecologies by Lauren Fournier, here.

Subtle Technologies is a Toronto-based platform for community building and knowledge sharing at the intersection of art, science and technology. The annual festival invites a curious public to engage with ideas at the leading-edge of Canadian creativity while acting as a physical node for collaboration and exchange between diverse communities working across disciplines.


Cultivars (Possible Worlds)
Co-Presented with InterAccess, May 10th–27th, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 10th, 7-10pm
Curators Talk/Tour: Saturday May 20th, 2pm,
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Stefan Herda
WhiteFeather Hunter
Elisabeth Picard

For millennia, humans have been making our mark on the Earth by selectively nurturing and depleting the natural world. More recently, through scientific innovation, we’ve moved on to decoding and programming nature—cultivating life forms and ecosystems that are decidedly manufactured. The artists featured in this exhibition explore both the fantastical possibilities and upsetting implications of our legacy as world makers.

‘Possible Worlds’: This Toronto bioart exhibit challenges and expands our definition of life | CBC Arts

Visit the Subtle Technologies festival website here.

More on the exhibition on the InterAccess gallery website here.

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Photo credits: Natalie Logan.

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