Science Odyssey SCI/ART and Lab Life Gallery Vernissage

SCI/ART and Lab Life Gallery Vernissage

Thu, May 18, 2017

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Please join us for the dynamic Sci/Art exhibition of research featuring the work of Concordia University artists and scientists. This interdisciplinary vernissage will include a Cabinet of Curiosities, images from Concordia science laboratories, petri-dish food cultivations, and the works of artists who use scientific methods and images.

Images above: some of the research presented at the Speculative Life Lab, by WhiteFeather, Tristan Matheson and Maya Hey. All photos by WhiteFeather, 2017.

Explore the EV Building’s multi-level exhibition spaces and displays, and tour the exceptional equipment and labs our researchers use to create their artistic and scientific productions. The Cabinet of Curiosities will expose how early scientific instruments helped research and teaching at Concordia University, and the Speculative Life Lab will exhibit the latest in SCI/ART research. Learn how this equipment evolved over the years, providing increasingly accurate scientific results.

Tiffany Lafleur photo of WhiteFeather for Concordia University.

WhiteFeather will be installing a display of bioart in the Speculative Life Lab at the Milieux Institute, as part of Concordia’s Science Odyssey SCI/ART vernissage. Works featured will include mycellium architectural models by MDes student Théo Chauvirey; recent bacterial dye experiments by WhiteFeather; slime mold cultures and experiments by MA student, Tristan Matheson with WhiteFeather; ambient bacterial culture by biologist and MFA student, Nathalie Dubois Calero; yogurt and kombucha culture experiments by Comms PhD student Maya Hey, and other works in progress by lab users.

Tina Lafleur photo of WhiteFeather’s unicorn agar plates.

Learn about all of Concordia’s Science Odyssey events at:

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