Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science, Art-Science Panel

WhiteFeather has been invited to present recent research at the upcoming Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science colloquium, to be held December 10-12 at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. WhiteFeather will present as part of the Art-Science panel, and will address research ethics/ problematics in artist residencies hosted by academic scientific institutions, specific to ecological research, using her last residency project in Finland as a case study, and including her current research being conducted at Saint Mary’s University Halifax.

“Both art and science uses observation and experimentation, seeking to understand aspects of the complex world around us. Despite this common ground, the disciplines are too often separated by boundaries that are difficult to overcome. Even though pioneer scientists, like Maria Sibylla Merian and Leonardo da Vinci have combined artistic practices since the beginnings of scientific discoveries. Recently, the term STEAM*, describing that art and science benefit from convergence and increased transdisciplinary practices, is becoming increasingly popular. The goal of this panel is to talk about the place of art in science, science in art and the importance of STEAM within biodiversity sciences. We aim to explore the potential of combining scientific and artistic ideas and practises not only for outreach purposes but also as a way to expand our perspectives, both as scientists and artists as well as for a better understanding of our ecosystems.

The panel will be accompanied by an exhibition “Silence starts at -425m” by Sandra Volny that will take place during the poster session.”

More info on the QCBS website here.


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