Sci-art residency and collaboration at Sporobole centre en art actuel/ Université de Sherbrooke

WhiteFeather has been invited to participate in a year-long sci-art residency and collaboration through Sporobole centre en art actuel in partnership with Université de Sherbrooke. WhiteFeather’s collaborator, Dr Denis Groleau is the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Micro-organisms and Industrial Processes, hosting WhiteFeather in his lab at Université de Sherbrooke to work together part-time on a collaborative research-creation project.

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“Sporobole believes in the artist’s fundamental role in contemporary society. Committed to critical discourse and the production of knowledge, it promotes interdisciplinary approaches, collaborative encounters and exchanges between artistic domains which break down the barriers between forms of knowledge.”


Programme de résidence interdisciplinaire INTERFACE : Arts et Science – Vivante rencontre entre une artiste du bio-art et le génie biotechnologique, Université de Sherbrooke Actualités

More on the Sporobole website, here.


More on Dr Denis Groleau, here.

More on Université de Sherbrooke, here.


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