WhiteFeather recently participated in a workshop on Gendered Experiences of Technology with German artist, Cornelia Sollfrank. The workshop, hosted by Studio XX,  included an introduction to the feminist methodology of Consciousness Raising, including experiential knowledge sharing via lived/ acquired expertise amongst the women present.

Studio XX photo.


Tuesday, April 4th 2017, from 6PM to 9PM at Studio XX
with Cornelia Sollfrank
as part of the exhibition “Commons Lab

The starting point for this workshop is the assumption that we have accumulated an extensive experience-based and implicit knowledge through our daily handling of technology. The workshop draws on consciousness raising as a tried and tested technique of feminist knowledge production. Consciousness raising has contributed to analysis, action and theory of the feminist movement in many ways and will be taken up in this context to explore the oppressive as well as liberating aspects of technology. The aim of the workshop – in which everyone is an expert – is to reveal the relationship between personal experience and the larger political and economic structures. How do gender aspects come into the approach to technology? How can feminist values be put into practice in an over-determining technological scenario? How can personal struggles become political struggles in the context of an emancipatory use of technology?

More on the Studio XX website, here.

Workshop resources:

The Personal is Political (original essay, 1969) by Carol Hanisch

Memory of the World open library archive

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