VISUAL ARTS NEWS Fall 2016 issue on Myths + Monsters

visual arts news


In this issue of Visual Arts News, many of our featured artists explore the construction of myths, as they pertain to identity creation, our sense of place and our shared value systems. Artist/ collector David Morrish’s “museum” in Corner Brook, NL, features objects related to the idea of death and irreverently blurs truths and fictions, challenging the importance of objectivity in the grand narratives we tell ourselves. Carl Zimmerman’s Cold City features photographs of empty, depopulated monuments—which it turns out are actually not real-life monuments at all but miniature models—prompting viewers to consider just what is left when we abandon our faith in our shared myths as a society. And artist Marigold Santos’ work exhibits a clear understanding that myths aren’t simply relics of child’s play to be dismissed as harmless fairytales—they form the building blocks of our sense of self.


Mitch Mitchell’s alchemical objects by Kathleen Higgins; Lyric Cranium’s miscellaneous fictions by Mireille Eagan; Yorodeo’s mythical explorations by Anna Taylor; Ambera Wellmann’s paintings and posts by Jonathan Rotsztain and WhiteFeather Hunter’s flesh and fiber by Mike Landry.

Read the article about WhiteFeather’s work, flesh and fiber by Mike Landry, on the Visual Arts News website here. Download a PDF of the article here.

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