Artefact/Artefiction at Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph


September 26 – November 3, 2013 | Opening reception September 26, 7pm

WhiteFeather’s works, Homme Fatale and Ossa (anodized aluminum editions and silk patchwork quilt edition) were included in this group exhibition curated by Dawn Owen at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre (now the Art Gallery of Guelph).

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Photos (above) sourced on Photo credit: Odin Ahlers.

Read a review of the exhibition in The Ontarian here: Mind Over Matter at the MSAC by Stacey Aspinall.

“WhiteFeather’s Homme Fatale is a sculptural piece that includes both human and animal features to form a strange mythological hybrid whose sharp teeth protrude into space. A portion of a human face is molded in wax, set within patches of recycled fur that adorn the head and shoulders, and bright red ribbons hang from the chest. Displayed with a collection of twelve grainy black and white photographs of deceased animals and bones, this work seems to highlight the aesthetic qualities of natural materials during the process of decay.” (excerpt from The Ontarian)

Artefact/Artefiction was a featured exhibition visited on the Art Bus 2013.


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