Oeuvres | Wall Drawings #1099, #394, #103, #123A Sol LeWitt

WhiteFeather participated in a month-long residency at the FOFA Gallery, with Anthony Sansotta, in the production of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #394. The work(s) culminated in the exhibition, Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings #103, #123A, #1099 and #394*
Facilitated by Anthony Sansotta

in partnership with Drawing LAB Dessin

Vernissage 5 à 7, September 12, 2013
Exhibition runs September 3–October 25
First meeting with Sansotta, at the FOFA Gallery. Photo credit: Drawing LAB Dessin

Anthony Sansotta has worked on and had a supervisory role in every major retrospective of LeWitt’s wall drawings, which include most major museums in America and Europe. He is currently the artistic director of the LeWitt Estate and is involved in the creation of The LeWitt Wall Drawing Center at Yale University. His understanding and implementation of LeWitt’s conceptual aesthetic gives him a special insight into Sol LeWitt’s views on art and his cultivation and support of emerging artists.

WhiteFeather works on Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing #394 at the FOFA Gallery in Montreal.

SOL LEWITT Wall Drawing #394: A 12″ (30 cm) grid covering the wall. Within each 12″ (30 cm) square, a vertical, horizontal, diagonal right or diagonal left straight, not straight or broken line bisecting the square.
 Black crayon, black pencil grid, white wall.


Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing # 394 in progress at the FOFA Gallery. Photo credit: Guy L’Heureux.

First drawn by: Unknown

First Installation: Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
, May 1983

FOFA York Corridor Vitrines: Drawing performed by Ben Compton, Naakita Feldman-Kiss, Anne-Marie Guérin, WhiteFeather Hunter, Zoe Jenkins, Jeanette Johns, Mai Koppel, Christine LeBlanc, Nathalie Leu, Kevin Leung, Zoë Wonfor, Lianne Zannier

Images of the works on the FOFA Tumblr, here.

Read more on the Faculty of Fine Arts website, here.

Sol LeWitt Drawings Surface in Montreal (BLOUIN ARTINFO).

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