Under the Viral Shadow, Art Laboratory Berlin

WhiteFeather has been invited to speak as part of a presentation and discussion entitled, Living with the Virus, with Sebastian Cocioba and Caitlin Berrigan, hosted by Art Laboratory Berlin as part of their ongoing Under the Viral Shadow programming. The panel will take place November 18, 2021 via Zoom with YouTube livestream.

In March 2020, WhiteFeather became infected with SARS Cov-2, one week before global pandemic lockdowns began. At this time, testing was limited, and the world medical community knew very little about the full profile of the ensuing illness. WhiteFeather was forced to leave Australia and her PhD research-in-progress to fend for herself (back home in Canada) as one of the first cohort of what would later become known as COVID longhaulers. In this talk, WhiteFeather will highlight the ways in which she adapted her research to support not only her very long recovery but also her ongoing critique of the inherent misogyny in biomedical research fields. WhiteFeather will specifically share the witchcraft communities she founded, drew upon and in turn supported as community-based, feminist loci of knowledge, healing, and care.

Event info can be found here. Watch the livestream video on YouTube here.

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