Occult Studies Vol. 2: REVOLUTION

The Bioart Coven Manifesto has been published by Snake Hair Press (US) as part of Occult Studies Vol. 2: REVOLUTION.

The Bioart Coven Manifesto is a co-authored, ‘living’ (always changing/ in progress) document by 50+ participants in the Bioart Coven course, offered virtually by WhiteFeather Hunter through the School of Machines, Making and Make-Believe (Berlin, DE) in March, April and May 2021. The Bioart Coven Manifesto describes a technofeminist ethos of contemporary witchcraft towards intersectional, anti-capitalist world (re)buildings in a speculative future of magical and scientific interspecies relationships. The manifesto was initiated through a series of online workshop sessions that allowed a dynamic international network of artists, scientists, educators, scholars, biohackers and witchcraft practitioners to develop a shared vision and call to action for a post-Anthropocentric co-becoming.

For more information and to order copies of the hand-printed risograph book, visit the Snake Hair Press website here.