Ars Electronica Honorary Mention and STARTS prize nomination, collaborative work with Tagny Duff

Tagny Duff’s Wastelands project, which WhiteFeather was collaborator on, was recognized through an honorary mention in the Artificial Intelligence and Life Art category, and a nomination for Ars Electronica’s 2019 STARTS prize. WhiteFeather co-designed and solely produced two bioplastic sculptures for the project, which contributed to its overall aesthetic, functionality and innovative aspects. WhiteFeather’s sculptures were created using a novel bioplastic textile material that she developed in collaboration with conservator, Courtney Books, in 2018. These sculptures were used as part of the works entitled, Time Traveller and Cosmos.

For more info about the total project, Wastelands by Tagny Duff, and the 2019 winning projects, visit the Ars Electronica website, here and here.

Credits: Wastelands

Artist, project concept, design, photography, sculpture, and biotechnological engineering: Tagny Duff
Time Traveler and Cosmos bioplastic sculptures, collaboration by Tagny Duff with WhiteFeather Hunter, co-designer and sole sculptor.

Researched and co-produced in collaboration with Bridge Artist Residency Program, Dr. Dana Kirk and ADREC at Michigan State University, Sylvain Moineau Labs at University de Laval, and Speculative Life Labs at Concordia University. Tagny Duff also acknowledges the work and intellectual property of WhiteFeather Hunter and Courtney Books in independently conducting the research, development, and protocol for the bioplastic material, which remains the sole intellectual property of WhiteFeather Hunter and Courtney Books.

Tagny Duff is an interdisciplinary media artist, scholar, and educator working across media art and microbiology with a keen interest in viruses, microbial interaction, and scientific practices from a cultural point of view. Duff’s earlier biological art works Living Viral Tattoos (2006-ongoing) and Cryobook Archives (2010-ongoing) explore the scientific manipulation and potential of human-microbial relations with retroviruses. Duff has exhibited biological art works nationally and internationally, most recently in the Broad Art Museum where she showcased the Wastelands installation (2018-2019), produced during the Bridge Artist Residency Program at Michigan State University.

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