WhiteFeather’s work featured in Media-N Journal of the New Media Caucus

Algorithmic Pollution: Artists Working with Dataveillance and Societies of Control by Lisa Moren features WhiteFeather’s surveillance project, Parent Folder, as one of the works in the exhibition, CYBER IN SECURITIES curated by Moren at Pepco Edison Place in Washington, DC.

Body Pillow performance, part of the Parent Folder surveillance project by WhiteFeather

From the essay:

“The exhibition was curated just prior to the former CIA employee and government contractor, Edward Snowden’s controversial leaking of US security documents to the Guardian newspaper in June of 2013 and exhibited in September 2013. The leaked documents set off worldwide insecurities about data, including growing questions about how much is out there, the nature of government and corporate relationships to meta-data and private data, and how are our lives are shaped by these matters. Such questions are especially unnerving in an era of algorithms and code’s inherent lack of transparency. This essay will look at artists who use types of dataveillance in order to creatively control their own social path.”

Read the full essay on the Media-N website, here.

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