Fermenting Feminism in Berlin, Copenhagen, Kansas City, Montreal


Video still from blóm + bló∂, 2016. Featured in the Fementing Feminism publication.

WhiteFeather’s recent work will be featured in the upcoming publication/ exhibition series, Fermenting Feminism curated by Lauren Fournier, a multidisciplinary, speculative-material project that takes the form of a print publication and site-specific exhibitions, performances, and screenings.

Lauren Fournier photo.

Fermenting Feminism is published in collaboration with the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology (LAE), Berlin. The publication is designed by London-based art director and graphic designer Zille Bostinius. A downloadable PDF of the complete publication is available online through e-ARTEXTE, here.

Broken Dimanche Press/Büro BDP, Berlin: August 5, 2017. Featuring WhiteFeather Hunter, Rubina Martini, Zoë Schneider, The Unstitute, Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, Regina de Miguel and Lucrecia Dalt, and Nicki Green. Curated by Lauren Fournier, in collaboration with Ida Bencke and Dea Antonsen of the LAE. View the Facebook event here for more information.


Warten auf die Transformationtaz. die tageszeitung, Berlin Kultur

The Art World’s Strangest New Trend – Fermentation, Artsy

berlin screening best
Screening of WhiteFeather’s blóm + bló∂ at Broken Dimanche Press/ Büro BDP, Berlin. Lauren Fournier photo.

Front/Space, Kansas City, Missouri: September 1-17, 2017. Featuring Agustine Zegers, Regina de Miguel and Lucrecia Dalt, Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, and SE Nash, WhiteFeather Hunter, Zoë Schneider, The Unstitute, Nicki Green, and Rubina Martini. Co-curated by Lauren Fournier and SE Nash. View the Facebook event for more information here.

WhiteFeather’s video work installed at Front/Space. Lauren Fournier photo.

Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies of McGill University, Montreal: September 30 – October 1, 2017. Presented as part of the LEAVENING THE CONVERSATION: Food, Fermentation and Feminism conference. Featuring Rubina Martini, The Unstitute, Leila Nadir, WhiteFeather Hunter, Zoë Schneider, and Nicki Green. Curated by Lauren Fournier.

Medical Museion, Copenhagen: Oct 24, 2018. Curated by Lauren Fournier, in collaboration with Ida Bencke and Dea Antonsen of the LAE.

From the abstract by Lauren Fornier:

“Is “feminism,” with its etymological roots in the feminine, something worth preserving? In what ways might it be preserved? In what ways might it be transformed? In Fermenting Feminism, we subject “feminism” to processes of fermentation (figuratively, symbolically, literally, ritualistically) to see what kinds of creations result. What does “feminism” mean for us today? Is it a relic of the past, something which has soured? Or is it something that still bears the kind of vitalism and life that Jane Bennett describes in her text Vibrant Matter? Where does feminism fit in relation to the recent reclamation of homesteading, homemaking, canning, preserving, fermenting? What happens when feminism comes up against “the New Sincerity”? Fermenting Feminism believes that fermentation is a vital and viable space to re-conceive feminism’s futures.

Fermenting Feminism invites writers, artists, theorists, scientists, home brewers, healers, cooks, bakers, kombucha makers, experimenters, and others to consider the possible intersections between “feminism” and “fermentation.” Works across all media are welcome, including but not limited to: recipes and variations on the recipe genre; creative writing (fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, drama); theoretical writing; performance; video; drawing; painting; comics; photography; sculpture; new media; sound and composition; manifestos.

Fermenting Feminism also asks what an intersectional feminist approach to fermentation practices would entail. There is a rich history of connections between feminism, queerness, and fermentation that is worth exploring. In Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation, for example, Katz outlines his experience using fermentation as a way of healing himself and managing his AIDS diagnosis. Fermenting Feminism places “feminism” in conversation with “fermentation” to see what kinds of aesthetic, chemical, and speculative experiments result.”

More info about the publication on Lauren Fornier’s website, here.

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