Milieux Institute celebrates its 1-year milestones

“On March 31, Milieux Institute celebrated its one year anniversary and we have been busy! In celebration, we’ve taken a look back at some of the research clusters’ most memorable talks, workshops, projects, symposiums, and exhibitions.”

WhiteFeather’s involvement in both the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster as well as the Speculative Life Research cluster has been highlighted here and here.

For more information on all of the Milieux clusters’ highlights, visit the Milieux website here.

Milieux is an institute for research-creation at the intersection of the fine arts, digital culture and information technology. It is a platform for creative experimentation, interdisciplinary training and progressive imagination in the middle of Concordia University in downtown Montreal. At Milieux we examine, co-create and share ideas, technological prototypes, experiences and practices that challenge assumptions about what is possible to be, to do and to imagine in a rapidly changing digital world. Our main focus is on creative and critical articulations of new technologies and the production of tangible, playable and accessible research that can be useful to generate new meaning and inform participation, engagement and innovation across culture, economy and civil society. Milieux breaks down barriers that have separated researchers, designers and artists in the university to work with communities, industry and the cultural sector to explore new solutions to pressing problems through core research on the interaction between people, technologies and culture.

Image: WhiteFeather with Nurit Bar-Shai during the Bacterial Painting workshop in the Speculative Life Lab. Image credit: Elise Cotter for Milieux Institute.

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