WhiteFeather: Textile Alumna and Master of BioArt by Trudy Gallagher


A recent article by NBCCD’s Trudy Gallagher, WhiteFeather: Textile Alumna and Master of BioArt explains to the NBCCD community and potential incoming students the evolution of WhiteFeather’s practice from weaver and witch, to bioartist.

WhiteFeather completed the Diploma in Fine Craft (Textiles) at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 2001, and worked as a Textiles Instructor in the diploma program from 2001-2011. She also completed the Bachelor of Applied Arts at the University of New Brunswick, an articulated degree program in partnership with NBCCD.

*Minor corrections to the article:

  • WhiteFeather studied one semester of weaving with Judith Mackenzie at Kootenay School of the Arts (Nelson, BC) after her first year at NBCCD, and continued her studies at NBCCD after returning to New Brunswick to start a family.
  • WhiteFeather holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, with a Studio Arts specialization in Fibres and Material Practices.
  • The Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster and Speculative Life Lab are two separate research units at the Milieux Institute (Concordia).
  • WhiteFeather has no immediate plans to complete a PhD, but is interested specifically in the PhD program at SymbioticA.
  • WhiteFeather completed a genomic data weaving already as part of her residency work at the Icelandic Textile Centre.

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