Function Keys 3 Conference of New Technology & Digital Culture, Hamilton, Ontario


WhiteFeather presented her research, Biomateria; Biotextile Craft this year at the biannual Function Keys Conference of New Technology & Digital Culture in Hamilton, Ontario. Function Keys 3, organized by Centre3 for Print and Media Arts, explores contemporary ideas and issues in new technologies and digital culture. Function Keys’ goal is to provide a space for artists, hackers, computer programmers, and interested community individuals to come together in discussion and share in learning about emerging trends in new technology.

Speakers at Function Keys 3 represent many diverse communities and come from a variety of different institutions, such as academics, hackers, DIY makers and/or practicing artists whose perspectives are informed by interdisciplinary approaches that investigate the intersections of art, technology and culture.

Function Keys 3 will take place November 11-13th, 2016.

More on the Function Keys Conference on their website, here.

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