Printed Circuit Boards and Mini-Theremin Workshop at Eastern Bloc

Printed Circuit Boards
WhiteFeather participated in this workshop, given by Pipo Pierre-Louis & Grégory Perrin at Eastern Bloc on 13 August 2016. This 9-hour workshop covered different methods of homemade fabrication of printed circuit boards, including practicing making printed circuit boards with readily available tools, such as copper board, and ferric chloride etching solution with PnP paper transfer. The handmade circuit boards were used to build a DIY electronic mini-theremin.

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About the instructor: Pipo Pierre-Louis is a composer, sound, video and new media artist born in Quito, Ecuador and residing in Montreal, Canada. Directly influenced by an array of different cultures and a variety of academic disciplines since his early life, he creates new media art, musical compositions, and performances shaped by his personal experiences. His artistic practice is focused on social behaviors, modernism, and environmental activism in a constant quest to translate them using technological media. His extensive knowledge of fabrication and custom made electronics has brought him to work with renowned artists and cultural institutions as a consultant and technician. Presently he is completing a Masters degree in electroacoustic composition under the direction of Jean Piché and Nicolas Bernier.

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