WhiteFeather to appear on TVNZ’s “DNA Detectives”

This series takes a look at what makes some of the most famous NZers what they are. The DNA Detectives flew a high profile New Zealander to Montreal to meet WhiteFeather this past July! This mystery Kiwi of renown is a genetic relative to WhiteFeather, and the DNA Detectives want to find out how as they travel the globe to track down the migratory paths of the common ancestors of their featured guests on the show.

For the shooting of the episode, WhiteFeather hosted the DNA Detectives and her distinguished relative at Fluxmedia’s Speculative Life Lab within the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University. Part of the upcoming episode will include WhiteFeather speaking about her tissue engineering work to her new-found family member. Stay tuned to find out who WhiteFeather’s relative is! The show will air in April 2017.

Photos from the shoot, captured by Matthew Brooks for Milieux Institute:

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