WhiteFeather co-founder of new Textile Research Collective in Montreal


WhiteFeather is co-founder and current co-President of the new Collectif TOILE, a textile research collective based in Montreal. Collectif TOILE was borne out of and naturally evolved from a group formed during a 2-year project led by Kelly Thompson.

Collectif TOILE is: Gen Moisan (Co-President), WhiteFeather Hunter (Co-President), Kelly Thompson (Advisory board member), Sophia Borowska (Secretary), MJ Daines (Treasurer), Claire Nadon (board member), Julie Lambert (Vice President) and the renowned Quebec Jacquard weaver, Lemieux-Bérubé (Advisory board member). New members are welcome. For more information, contact: collectif.toile@gmail.com

More on the collective’s Facebook page here.

Collectif TOILE – Un collectif pour recherche textile / Textile research collective, Montréal, Canada


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