WhiteFeather featured in Clot Magazine online


Screen shot 2016-07-18 at 1.30.57 PM

CLOT Magazine is an online publishing and curational platform dedicated to art and explorations. Clot Magazine aims to collect, display, broadcast and promote the crossover of Art, Science and Technology.

“At CLOT Magazine we feature this exciting and transgressive art movement by studying the creators and their lines of work, seeking trends in the disciplines we are focused on and publishing compelling conversations with talented and inspiring innovators.”

Images of WhiteFeather’s Biomateria works were presented along with an interview by Lula Criado, in Clot Magazine, in the Artists & Science category. To read the interview, entitled, WHITEFEATHER, biomanufacturing as a strategy to explore new ways of thinking, go to the Clot Magazine website here.

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