Ectopia/ Cultivamos Cultura, Lisbon

WhiteFeather has been invited to partake in a two-week writing residency at Ectopia and Cultivamos Cultura in Lisbon and São Luis, Portugal. During her writing retreat, WhiteFeather will continue to develop philosophical contexts around her project, The Witch in the Lab Coat, featured in the current Matter of Flux exhibition at Art Laboratory Berlin. Her writing developments at Cultivamos Cultura will be discussed during her panel presentation at the Matter of Flux Festival on June 16, 2023. WhiteFeather’s project, The Witch in the Lab Coat (since 2019) is a PhD research-creation and scientific research project that explores the intersection of feminist witchcraft and tissue engineering through the development of a body- and performance-based laboratory practice. It is a work in progress until mid-2023, mainly conducted at SymbioticA International Centre of Excellence in Biological Art at the University of Western Australia. The Witch in the Lab Coat includes the sub-project, Mooncalf, a scientific and cultural exploration of the development of menstrual fluid for use in tissue culture, as well as multipotent stem cell isolation from menstrual blood. This research was featured by Merck/ Sigma-Aldrich for International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021, as part of their #nextgreatimpossible series.

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