ALMA Toolkit, Rome, IT

WhiteFeather has been invited as a mentor to work with biodesigners, Guilia Tomasello and Isabel Farina, in their development of the ALMA Toolkit.

Over the last 2 years, ALMA team has been running 13 workshops across the globe to listen to women’s stories about practices, culture and language in intimate health. This work has highlighted two key barriers in the current education and self-discovery process: the disconnection between information and body, and the lack of a safe inclusive space for people to share and co-create knowledge.

In this project, we want to tackle these challenges by co-creating a self-exploration toolkit for people with a vulva that enables them to transform their knowledge into active and physical practices. We imagine to co-create the Toolkit providing tools to self-explore vulvas, monitor vaginal fluids and learn how to balance the vaginal microbiome. All the tools will be developed using circular design and citizen science principles of low-cost, reusable and inclusive.

Find out more about the ALMA Toolkit here.

Other mentors for the project include: Rosanne Hertzberger – Reblab/Open Science Kitchen, Gaia Leandra – Hangar – Biofriction, and Klau Cinche / Gynepunk.

The ALMA Toolkit project is funded by S+T+ARTS/ Ars Electronica and the EU Fund.