Colour Research Society of Canada conference, Toronto

WhiteFeather was invited to have her work with bacteria dyes shown as part of the opening slide show for the Colour Research Society of Canada’s conference, Sensing Colour, on June 13, 2022. For more info, please visit the conference website here.

Description: The theme “Sensing Colour” offers a great breadth of opportunity for participants from diverse disciplines and modes of inquiry to contribute to colour awareness and knowledge in an interdisciplinary forum. It highlights how colour offers itself to us, in what ways it approaches and engages us, affects our awareness, and harnesses our attention. In so many diverse ways, and through so many different lenses, colour is being studied as an influential shaper of human experience.

Through all our senses and faculties – through intellectual, cultural and material ways of knowing and feeling – we seek to observe and utilize the remarkable complexity of colour, whether material or immaterial, whether conceptual or practical, sociological or biological, natural or technological.