createdhere magazine – Bodies

WhiteFeather was recently interviewed by arts writer, Maeve Hanna, for Issue 19 of createdhere magazine, entitled BODIES, curated and edited by Amy Ash.

“This issue is dedicated to BODIES: the physicality of the creative process, as well as concepts of access, agency, and belonging that are linked to our physical selves…

Although the physical distance between human bodies has increased out of collective care, we understand our bodies to be more connected now than ever— to one another as well as the larger ecosystems we inhabit. And, in kinship, we bestow the word “body” upon other meaningful sites, as in: bodies of water or bodies of land. How can we share space with more-than-human bodies so that we all can thrive? Where does one body end and another begin?”

For more information on the BODIES issue, see the createdhere website.

Images of magazine pages courtesy of Maeve Hanna.