Art Resilience Economy Research Network: Match-Making

On January 12, 2022 @ 5:30 UK time, WhiteFeather will present collaborative work with artist, Renee Carmichael (Buenos Aires, AR) as part of the Art Resilience Economy (ARE) Matchmaking Project.

For the ARE match-making collaboration, Renee Carmichael and WhiteFeather Hunter have explored the overlaps in their practices by bringing together DIY lab practices, video performance, movement improvisation and bioinformatics/data mining algorithms. Starting with the initial connection of using performance as resistance to the technological instrumentalization of bodies, the video performance was created over two Zoom sessions, recorded between Maui, United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then edited by each artist separately in an exquisite corpse exercise of translating messy embodied experiences into a final film.

The artists dialogue directly through the enacting of their creative processes, and the video performance embraces the glitches of living biological agents and algorithmic file errors, the adaption of experiments due to customs control and the ebbs and flows of pandemic life, the scale of the body as resistance and the possibilities for improvising when realizing protocols. The nourishing, intuitive and collaborative process shows how each artist thinks, while the overlapping of these differences is a form of resistance, one that opens up the complexity of technological and scientific processes to the incalculability of bodies, glitches, movements and unexpected external agents.

For more information, visit the ARE website here. View Renee Carmichael’s website here.