The New Normal?, Glasgow, UK

WhiteFeather has been interviewed as one of the art and science experts for The New Normal? project, curated by Sophie Fulton, at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The interview will go live August 5, 2021.

Read the interview with WhiteFeather here, as part of COVID CONVERSATIONS.

About the project:


An adaptive environment that evolves as we do. A societal anchor of security and assurance.

An individual experience.

The New Normal? is an Art and Science Zine and Online Platform, emulating the heightened fusion of virus science and pandemic culture by considering the collective and individual journey of ‘the new normal’. 

Government rules and regulations aim to curate a liveable but simulated life while the battle with the virus continues. Humans are gripping desperately to the hope that a future resembling pre-covid life is attainable. This simulated reality and its limitations on society have created a grander appreciation for the small moments in life. The impact of the virus on our loved ones, society and culture have made us prioritise differently. However, it has also resulted in an idealisation of pre covid life and its post-pandemic potential. Life in 2019 is portrayed as a utopian dream, not fully appreciated when we lived through it. Coronavirus has warped the human gauge for reality; we are no longer sure of ‘life as usual’, life is not usual; therefore, we must imagine life out with a pandemic.

This has resulted in the cultural adoption of the term ‘The New Normal’. 

It is simultaneously used to explain our anxiety of the unfamiliar and express the human determination to ‘keep calm and carry on’. It encompasses our need for stability throughout a pandemic while voicing hope for a better future, idealised or not. 

Featuring interviews with art and science professionals, an online exhibition and purchasable publication, The New Normal? aims to discuss shifting pandemic perspectives, post-covid ideologies and the instability of normality…”

For more information on the exhibition, publication and to read the interviews, visit The New Normal? website and social media pages:

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“This Project and Publication was curated as part of the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) Glasgow School of Art course (2020-1), run in conjunction with the University of Glasgow.”