Ecotone Podcast (UK), EcoRituals

WhiteFeather was recently interviewed by Ecotone Podcast, with Charlie Boyd and Gitanjali Ravi at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UK), for an episode on EcoRituals. WhiteFeather was interviewed along with Freyja Sewell and Ioana Man. EcoRituals can be listened to on all streaming platforms, here. Visit the Ecotone podcast website here for updates on new episodes.

Episode Description

In many cultures, ritual ceremonies transmit knowledge about human relationships with the natural world through socially and spiritually important communal experiences. In the context of climate crisis, artists are developing new rituals to contribute to the development of more reciprocal and respectful ecological relationships. We spoke with three fascinating artists about the rituals they’ve developed.

Freyja Sewell (ig @freyjasewell) has adapted her product design and furniture making skills to the development of an immersive biophilic ceremony.

Ioana Man (ig @ioana_man) is working with metagenomics to visualise the urban microbiome and propose infrastructure for microbial and human health alike.

As part of her PhD at SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia, WhiteFeather Hunter (ig @whitefeather.hunter) is growing cultured meat from her own menstrual blood, bringing symbols and practices from witchcraft into the molecular biology lab.

WhiteFeather’s call for papers: