COVID & Co panel discussion, Toronto/ online

You are welcome to join a panel discussion on the confusion, complications and consequences of Covid-19.
The panellists are Nathalie Dubois, PhD., WhiteFeather Hunter, PhD candidate, Ravi Devriya Kaur (Molly McKinney), RN and Dolores Steinman, MD., PhD.
They will be addressing the issues they faced while experiencing the pandemic and, in a couple of cases, the disease directly.
You will have the opportunity to hear the perspective of the long-haulers who still suffer physical and mental symptoms months after getting infected, as well as ask questions referring to your own concerns and potential misunderstandings.
The discussion “COVID & CO: Confusion, Communication, Co-morbidities, Complications, Consequence” will take place, via ZOOM on Tuesday, November 24th , from 3:00 to 4:30PM EST (Toronto) and the link will be provided upon request.

The recording of the Zoom panel session is here for those who missed it: