At the Margins at Viewpoint Gallery, UC Irvine as part of SLSA/ Useful Fictions

WhiteFeather’s collaborative explorations and artworks, created as a graduate fellow in Lab 5 during the Useful Fictions Symposium in Paris, will be exhibited at the Viewpoint Gallery, University of California, Irvine during the SLSA 2019 Annual Meeting, Experimental Engagements. The exhibition, entitled At the Margins, is curated by Jesse Colin Jackson and Antoinette LaFarge.
Sensing ritual led by WhiteFeather for the Useful Fictions symposium.
Experimental Engagements in Science, Literature, and the Arts
November 8-16, 2019
Viewpoint Gallery
University of California, Irvine
at the margins
More info on the SLSA website, here.