Upcoming (October 2018): Unhallowed Arts Festival, Perth, Australia

WhiteFeather has been invited to be part of the exhibition, This Mess We’re In, curated by Tarsh Bates, as part of the Unhallowed Arts Festival taking place throughout Perth in October 2018.

this mess we're in

Unhallowed Arts is a collection of art events—a monstrosity—occurring in Perth, Western Australia throughout September and October 2018. Unhallowed Arts is timed to celebrate the bicentenary of Mary (Godwin) Shelley’s Frankenstein and features exhibitions that explore the book’s influence on contemporary life and culture.

This Mess We’re In entangles queer feminist ecologies with Frankenstein, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s seminal exploration of life creation and re-formation. The artworks pick at the stitches of life and technology, emerging, resist, reform and respond to the biotechnologisation of life. They reveal the messiness of life and technology, our mess-mates and the messes we are in because of our manipulations. They also explore the political, ethical and material affordances of this mess for re-configuring, trans-animating, per-forming and de-colonising. The exhibition forms a unique ecology of queer feminist perspectives on Shelley’s legacy.

This event is presented by SymbioticA, The Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts, at the University of Western Australia.

More information here.

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